The Society's emblem, chosen in 1973, on the 50th anniversary of the Society, is the King Stag Beetle, Phalacrognathus muelleri (Macleay), Family Lucanidae (Coleoptera). Its magnificent purple and green colouration makes it one of the most attractive beetle species in Australia. It is restricted to the rainforests of northern Queensland.


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The Society, since its inception in 1923, has promoted the development of pure and applied entomological research in Australia, particularly in Queensland. Membership is open to anyone interested in Entomology. syrphid fly

The Society promotes liaison among entomologists through regular meetings, distributes a News Bulletin to members, provides collection permits and publishes the Australian Entomologist.



logoFuneral Service for Bill Haseler: 7 Jan 2015

Bill Haseler was the Director at Alan Fletcher Research Station for many years. He saw active service towards the end of the Second World War as a pilot in the Pacific theatre. He then joined the Department of Lands as an entomologist and really led the next generation of scientists who carried on from the Dodds/Mann era. He worked on the biocontrol of several weeds including crofton and groundsel weeds before become director after John Mann's retirement about 1970. During his time as Director, staffing at AFRS was considerably strengthened (believe it or not there were once ten scientists working on biocontrol), several overseas field stations were operated and the TWRC was planned.

Bill was a life member of the Queensland Weed Society, a founding member of the Australian Entomological Society and a president of the Queensland Entomological Society.

His funeral is this Wednesday, 7 January. Funeral details...

logoNext Meeting - 10 March 2015, 1pm

The first meeting of the year is the Annual General Meeting.

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logoStudent Awards and Council Nomination Forms

Applications are now being accepted for the 2015 Student Award and for Council members for 2015. Please see the quick links below for the relevant forms.

logoWanted: Live Assassin bugs, all sorts

assassin bugI am currently collecting assassin bugs for a project at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience at UQ, and offering rewards for anyone donating to the cause. There are many assassin bugs in Brisbane suburbs and backyards, so if you happen to see one this summer, simply pop it in a jar and leave it with IMB reception for Andy Walker – or give me a call or text on 0419712754 and I will come and collect it!

The rewards scheme is thus: a live assassin bug (nymph or adult, any species) will get you a bottle of red or white wine (or something equivalent for teetotallers and young contestants). Thanks!

--Andy Walker

logoRevised constitution

The council has produced a revised constitution for 2015. The minor updates can be viewed here..... These revisions will be voted on at the AGM in March.

logoSubscribe to the Australian Entomologist for 2015

*New* Electronic (pdf) version available this year. Back issues from 37(3) Sep 2010 up to the current issue are available online for purchase through Informit.

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