ESQ general meetings are held every second Tuesday of the month at 1pm at the Ecoscience Precinct in Dutton Park, Brisbane (see maps below). There is no need to sign in to the ground floor Seminar Room 1.

There is some street parking available with a two-hour limit and good public transport options. Visitors are welcome.

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logoApril: General Meeting

Date & Time: 11 April 2017 at 1pm

Business will include:

Program includes general business and a presentation by Graeme Smith from the Australian Museum.

"Silverfish - who cares!"

Silverfish (Order Zygentoma) are among the first hexapods to have appeared once plants had colonised land, predating the first winged insects by several million years. Today the order survives in relic habitats but is not uncommon and reasonably diverse. Worldwide some 600 species in five families have been described with almost 70 of these species endemic to Australia. Recent work suggests this is a great underestimate and is more a reflection on the attention paid to the group than their abundance.

Graeme Smith worked within the agchemical industry for more than 30 years but took early retirement in 2010 to work on this group of wingless insects that had interested him since his undergraduate days. He is now an honorary research associate with the Australian Museum in Sydney and is nearing the end of his PhD project through Federation University in Ballarat.

Graeme will share his interest in this poorly known Order with the Society at the April meeting, revealing the situations where these insects thrive and the tricks they use to get by.

All welcome! Join us after the meeting for tea and coffee.

Location: Seminar room, Ground Floor, Ecosciences Precinct Boggo Road, Dutton Park

Visitors welcome!


BugCatch :

“Bug-Catch” is a program of collecting trips run by the Entomological Society of Queensland, in conjunction with the Queensland Environmental Protection Agency. The object of the trips is to utilise the specialist insect collecting and identification skills of Society members to assist DERM to compile lists of invertebrates for protected areas (National Parks, Forest Reserves, State Forests, etc). Members are asked to supply lists of species collected, and these are included by DERM in their faunal databases.

Past Bug-Catches have been held at Bribie Island National Park, Koala Bushlands Burbank, Beerwah State Forest, Franke Scrub, D'Aguilar National Park and most recently at Stockyard Creek.

The latest BugCatch: November 2016.

Springbrook BugCatch weekend: November 19-20: Springbrook Plateau. Springbrook is a high wet tableland lying between Lamington and the Gold Coast and is about 90 minutes drive from Brisbane on good roads. We were guests of the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society at their Ankida property which has several hundred hectares of rainforest with running creeks and waterfalls. Report coming soon.

Stockyard Creek BugCatch January 2016 Report...

During the Stockyard Creek BugCatch weekend, Geoff Monteith and Kathy Ebert ran a workshop for ESQ members and local landholders on how to survey dung beetles. Landowners and some ESQ members trapped dung beetles in the district and all catches were later combined and sorted in Brisbane. These BugCatch results, when combined with the rest of the survey, resulted in almost 4000 specimens of 35 different species from 60 different sample sites. All species were photographed and the data were used to plot detailed distribution maps for each species. The overall report gives valuable feedback to the local landowners on the diversity on their properties, as well as giving them the opportunity to see the benefits of participating in a collaborative scientific survey exercise. The results of the survey are available at the following link:

A survey of the dung beetles from the Upper Lockyer Valley (70MB)

Crohamhurst BugCatch November 2015 Report....

Mt Glorious BugCatch September 2014 Report...

Mt Mee BugCatch March 2014 Report...

Franke Scrub BugCatch October 2013 Report...

Other external events and conferences

MALARIA – from innovation to eradication
February 19–23, 2017
Kampala, UGANDA

Gordon Research Conference
February 19–24, 2017
Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Lucca (Barga), ITALY

German Zoological Society meeting in Evolutionary biology
19-21 April 2017
Ploen, Germany

3rd FAO-IAEA International Conference on area-wide management of insect pests: Integrating the sterile insect and related nuclear and other techniques
May 22–26, 2017

3rd Hemipteran-Plant Interactions Symposium
June 4–8, 2017
Madrid, SPAIN

The 5th International Forum for Surveillance and Control of Mosquitoes and Mosquito-borne Diseases
May 22-26, 2017
Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. or

Joint Congress between the American Society of Naturalists (ASN), The Society of Systematic Biologists (SSB) and the Society for the Study of Evolution (SSE)
23-27 June 2017, Portland, OR

3rd BioSyst.EU meeting
August 15–18, 2017
University of Gothenburg, SWEDEN

16th Congress of the European Society for Evolutionary Biology
20-25 August 2017
Groningen, the Netherlands

IV International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology (ICIM4)
18-23 August 2017
Moscow State University, Moscow, RUSSIA