The Society's emblem, chosen in 1973, on the 50th anniversary of the Society, is the King Stag Beetle, Phalacrognathus muelleri (Macleay), Family Lucanidae (Coleoptera). Its magnificent purple and green colouration makes it one of the most attractive beetle species in Australia. It is restricted to the rainforests of northern Queensland.


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The Society, since its inception in 1923, has promoted the development of pure and applied entomological research in Australia, particularly in Queensland. Membership is open to anyone interested in Entomology.

The Society promotes liaison among entomologists through regular meetings, distributes a News Bulletin to members, provides collection permits and publishes the Australian Entomologist.


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logoNext meeting: 8 September 2015 at 1pm

Business will include:

A talk presented by Dr Max Moulds entitled “From museum dungeons to mountain tops: 50 years of entomological adventures”

Location: Seminar room, Ground Floor, Ecosciences Precinct Boggo Road, Dutton Park

All welcome!

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logo$50,000 in travel funding to support global participation in International Congress of Entomology (ICE) 2016 by non-U.S. students and scientists

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is pleased to announce a travel funding competition to support global participation in ICE 2016 by non-U.S. students and scientists transitioning into the early years of their careers.
Sponsored by ESA's Student Transition and Early Professionals Committee (STEP), the competition will award a total of $50,000 to 25-30 participants to support their travel to ICE 2016, along with complimentary registration for the Congress. Awards will be based on criteria such as the scope and importance of the applicant's research to be presented at the Congress, how the applicant's attendance and participation at the Congress will benefit his or her professional development and the science of entomology, and how the applicant's attendance will contribute to the diversity of attendees at ICE 2016.
Eligibility requirements and further details may be found here.
Deadline for submissions is midnight (U.S. Eastern Time), September 1, 2015

logoSubscribe to the Australian Entomologist for 2015

*New* Electronic (pdf) version available this year. Back issues are available online for purchase through Informit.

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